Trademark means a sign, symbol or design capable of being represented graphically and distinguishing the products or services of a particular source from those of others.

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Trademark Search

Before trademark registration it is necessary to perform a comprehensive trademark search in relevant class (es) to ensure that identical or similar trademarks do not exist as per records of Trademark Registry. We also perform worldwide trademark search for international registrations. Our search report helps client make a wise decision and save costs.

Trademark Registration and Prosecution

Registration of trademark avoids unauthorized use or violation of rights by third parties and ensures that business does not suffer. Our trademark agents and attorneys have expertise in trademark registration and prosecution at all jurisdictions across India. We also help our clients with International trademark filing.

Trademark Litigation

Trademark gives exclusive rights to business owners and violation of these rights by any third party results in infringement. The owner of trademark may initiate legal course of action including issuing legal notice, conducting of raid, search and seizure, file for injunction, initiating civil action etc. Our advocates have expertise in trademark litigations and they handle all such activities efficiently safeguarding business interests of our clients.


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