IP Monetization

IP Monetization

IP Monetization

Commercialization of IP by its licensing or assignment/ sale is known as IP monetization. Before such transactions occur generally both the involved parties are advised to perform due diligence and valuation of IP to assess benefits and risks associated with it.

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IP Due Diligence

IP due diligence is generally required and conducted prior to the transfer of intellectual property rights or assets through commercial transactions such as mergers or acquisitions, or where investment is being made into the business by a prospective purchaser in relation to the IP assets of the target organization or by an organization on its own IP assets in preparation for a transaction, such as a business sale or a major licensing deal. We perform due diligence to help our clients invest their money and time in right place and develop their portfolio in an economic good sense.

IP Valuation and Commercialization

Our team assists clients with valuation and commercialization of IP in case of mergers, acquisitions, technology transfers etc. Our attorneys also help in negotiating and drafting of license/assignment agreements, etc.


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