Patent is grant of exclusive rights by government to an inventor/assignee for a limited period of time in exchange of public disclosure of invention.

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Patent Searching and Analysis

Our team of patent analysts and domain experts perform different kinds of patent searches to identify prior art (information that is available in public domain before the date of invention) and trends that can be used by clients for their specific requirements. The various searches include novelty/patentability search, freedom to operate/clearance search, validation/ invalidation search, evidence of use search, state of the art/ landscape search, patent alerts based on client requests, competitor watch and product search among others. Various illustrations are used to represent analyzed data and comprehensive reports are prepared to help our clients take decisions keeping in mind the complete picture. Reports can be customized as per client’s needs.

Patent Drafting and Illustration

Patent specification is the most crucial document which defines the boundaries of your invention which no one is allowed to trespass. The strength of your patent lies in how well it is drafted. We have a team of experienced registered patent agents having both legal and technical expertise to draft client specification as per patent office standards and protect their interests. Our illustrators use various drawing tools and software to provide best in class patent illustration. Our team also handles drafting and illustration projects for other countries at reasonable costs.

Patent Filing and Prosecution

Our patent agents have filed patents across various jurisdictions in India. They are well versed with all procedural requirements of patent office. Apart from filing they also reply to examination reports, handle all office action responses and attend hearings as part of patent prosecution process.

Patent Litigation

Patent litigation can be a cumbersome task since it involves generally a considerable amount of time and money. Enforcement of patent rights has to be done carefully while keeping overall business goals and objectives in mind. Hence right advice at the right time can save your organization both time and money in litigation procedures. Our patent attorneys are experienced in handling all procedures such as enforcement of IP rights, oppositions (pre-grant and post-grant), infringements, revocation of patents at Indian Patent Office (IPO), Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) and High Court, as the case may be. We also support patent litigators by our litigation services including image file wrapper analysis (prosecution history), claim chart comparisons, invalidity searches and other services on case to case basis.

Patent Maintenance

To keep a patent in force is a very crucial task which involves paying renewal fees on time, submitting working statements, etc. Lag in any of these could result in lapse or compulsory licensing of patent. Our team has expertise in handling patent maintenance activities for both Indian as well as foreign patent offices. Auto generated reminders are sent to clients for maintenance activities as well to ensure they do not miss deadlines.

PCT Filing/International Filing

Our patent agents and attorneys have expertise in PCT and International filings. We undertake filings at almost all jurisdictions with the help of our collaborations with patent attorneys in other countries.


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