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About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

IntellilocusTM IP Services is an IP boutique devoted to the core of Intellectual Property practice. We are committed to provide end to end IP services from ideation to expiration as we say it. IntellilocusTM is brainchild of zealous engineers and patent agents who have profound passion for technology and innovation. Headquartered in New Delhi, IntellilocusTM is a people oriented firm which goes by the principle of uniqueness to cater to everyone’s different requirements. We can provide you an entire array of services under one roof; be it IP filing, prosecution, litigation, management, monetization, strategy designing or implementation. IP broadly covers patent, trademark, copyright and design assets amongst many other things whose potential you can tap for gaining a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving market.

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What does Intellilocus mean?

The term - IntellilocusTM comes from “Intelli” meaning intelligence and “locus” which means center or focus of great activity or intense concentration. This implies that our firm is a place where all your needs related to any creation of mind i.e. intellectual property will be satisfied.

Our Mission

  • To empower every individual & company to maximize value of their intellectual property and harbour innovation in every mind.

  • To spread awareness on importance of IP and help building knowledge oriented economy.

Our Vision

  • Aiming towards global growth in IP sector while providing quality and niche services at affordable prices.

What people say About Us

Bringing directly from our clients to you

  • "A very hard-working, intellectual and dedicated team and gives end-to-end solution for any problem arising in patents and IPRs. Great working with Intellilocus IP Services. ”

    Vishal Jain, Spectrum Infra Ventures

  • "It Was A Great Work Done By Your Team. The Work And Services Are Really Appreciable As You Responded Our Queries Within Time. Thank You For This Effort. ”

    Ankit Goyal

  • "An advisor is a good advisor who apart from advising what needs to be done also advises what is not to be done. You guys are really good advisors who assist their clients in making well informed decisions. It was great working with you. ”

    Neha Katta, SLA Financial Solutions

  • "I liked the service I received from Intellilocus, its a good place for IP services. ”

    Manish Kumar


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